Sustainable transport can refuel with hydrogen in Alkmaar

12 March 2024

Since mid-January, passenger cars, but also vans and trucks have been able to refuel with hydrogen in Alkmaar, a crucial step forward in the transition to sustainable transport. In a video we show how this works and why the hydrogen transition is so important.

This initiative is just one of the many innovative hydrogen projects taking place in North Holland North. In recognition of these ongoing efforts, the North Sea Canal Area and North Holland North have received Hydrogen Valley status from the European Union.

NXT Mobility offers green hydrogen, produced from green gas. The aim is to soon obtain green hydrogen directly from wind turbines, in line with the Duwaal program. However, this part of the project is still under development.

Collaboration for change

Various stakeholders have worked intensively together to realize this gas station. Marlies van Dijk from Development Company Noord-Holland Noord, Frank Brandsen from the New Energy Coalition and Erik Metselaar from NXT Mobility explain what it took to achieve this. Breaking the chicken-and-egg situation is essential, as the lack of filling stations hinders the adoption of hydrogen vehicles. The goal is to create an extensive network of hydrogen filling stations in the coming years, making the climate goals for 2050 achievable.

To understand the differences between driving on hydrogen and traditional fuels, we spoke to René Helmhout from HB Adviesbureau, who can tell from his own experience what the benefits of driving on hydrogen are.

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