The region has a lot of wind off shore at the North Sea, a strong industrial cluster in the North Sea Canal Area (NSCA), high-quality energy ports around Amsterdam and Den Helder, and the international aviation hub at Schiphol. The NSCA is located on the North Sea coast and close to the large wind farms being built in the North Sea. A substantial part of the Dutch goal to realize 70 GW of electricity by 2050 wil be transmitted onshore in the IJmond region. This energy can be used directly to help meet industry’s demand for electricity, or it can be converted into hydrogen close to where it is being generated. This makes Noord-Holland well equipped to develop an hydrogen economy.


Noord-Holland is a rapidly emerging Hydrogen Valley where a lot is already happening! Our region is investing in a rich and diverse range of hydrogen production, distribution and application projects. This covers the large-scale production of hydrogen in Den Helder and in the North Sea Canal Area. And it ranges from large-scale applications for industry (including Tata Steel), imports of hydrogen (Port of Amsterdam), grid balancing to innovative applications in shipping, aviation, heavy transportation and agriculture.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afjtHVkzhZ4

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