Norwegian energy giant Statkraft is investigating large-scale production of green hydrogen in Den Helder

19 April 2024

Statkraft’s first electrolyser in the Netherlands will be located on the East Bank, as part of the green hydrogen project Zephyros. The electrolyser will convert renewable electricity into green hydrogen, initially for local customers. The energy company aims for a production of approximately 15 to 20 thousand tons per year.

Zephyros is an ambitious project that focuses on the development of a Dutch green hydrogen economy in general and the use of green hydrogen in the maritime sector in particular. The focus on maritime also explains the name Zephyros, which stands for: ‘Zero Emission in the Port of Den Helder, by using Hydrogen for transport over road and Wadden Sea’. The project aims to accelerate the energy transition in Den Helder. This is done by reducing emissions, innovation and knowledge development and making port operations more sustainable.

Kees Turnhout, general manager of the Port of Den Helder: “Zephyros was set up to boost the green hydrogen economy in the municipality of Den Helder and in shipping. Great to see that the project now enables greater development in the Hydrogen Valley North Holland and the Netherlands. And fantastic that Statkraft recognizes the potential of Den Helder as an energy hub. I look forward to this project being realized!”

Think big, start small

Statkraft is the largest producer of renewable energy in Europe. The Norwegian energy company is active in hydropower, solar and wind energy, battery storage and green hydrogen. With this announcement, Statkraft kicks off its hydrogen activities in the Netherlands. Statkraft aims for a production capacity of 15 to 20 thousand tons of green hydrogen per year in Port of Den Helder.

However, the renewable energy producer consciously opts for a scaling-up strategy. Zephyros serves as a starting point. Statkraft will start with a 1-2 MW electrolyser, good for 100 to 200 tons of green hydrogen per year. This gives local customers direct access to green hydrogen. Statkraft anticipates the realization of this electrolyzer in 2026.

Local involvement

Rob Smit, Vice President Hydrogen of Statkraft Netherlands (photo left), speaks of a ‘milestone’ in Statkraft’s hydrogen activities. “We are extremely proud that we are involved with Zephyros and can make an important contribution to developing energy solutions that can advance the Dutch energy transition.”

Zephyros not only contributes to the energy transition, but also to knowledge development and employment in the Den Helder region. Statkraft and Port of Den Helder also state that they will involve stakeholders in the project development and will closely take the environmental plan into account.

About Zephyros

Zephyros is one of the projects of the Green Shipping Waddenzee Program. This was achieved with the support of the Wadden Fund, the Wadden Area Investment Framework and the provinces of Fryslân, Groningen and North Holland and falls under the coordination of the FME Association. Zephyros is also supported by the Regio Deal Maritiem cluster Kop van Noord-Holland. Northern governments and entrepreneurs are working together in the Green Shipping Wadden Sea Program to accelerate the transition to sustainable sailing on the Wadden Sea.

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