Electrolyser system for hydrogen project Duwaal

18 June 2024

The Dutch innovator HYGRO has taken another important step towards the realization of the ‘From Wind to Wheel’ hydrogen project Duwaal. A strategic partnership has been entered into with the American tech company Ohmium for the supply of versatile Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysers.

Development in phases

The PEM electrolysers are integrated with HYGRO’s wind turbine at the EWEF wind farm in Wieringermeer to produce green hydrogen. This hydrogen will be distributed to regional filling stations using HYGRO’s patented iBundle system. In the Duwaal project, partners want to demonstrate the technical possibilities for an equivalent, short hydrogen chain, and in depth in that sustainable hydrogen chain under current rules can become cost-competitive.

With support from the Dutch government, the project is being developed in phases, starting with a 2.5 MW electrolyser in 2025. There are plans to expand this substantially to 5 MW and possibly 10 MW in a later phase.

Hybrid solution connected to grid

Duwaal opted for a hybrid system for the project, in which both the electrolyser and the turbine remain connected to the electricity grid. This design reduces the impact of changing wind power on hydrogen production and also makes it possible to respond quickly to the electricity market, which often has low prices on windy and sunny days. In the strategic collaboration, HYGRO and Ohmium have also stated that they will investigate how they can improve each other’s product portfolios and jointly strengthen and expand the market.

Photo caption: Hugo Groenemans, CEO of HYGRO (left), and Arne Ballantine, CEO of Ohmium (right), signing the agreement during the World Hydrogen Summit 2024.

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